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Published July 10, 2017 by Varkha



15 months – first day at school

Published February 22, 2013 by Varkha

Happy 15 months jazz,

I seriously cannot believe it. Time sure does fly!! I just can’t believe my little baby is already 15 months old!! You have changed so much lately…your little personality is really starting to shine! On one hand I can’t imagine life before you were here and yet I also can’t quite fathom how quickly the time is going. I still remember how tiny you were when you were born and the first time I first caught a glimpse of what you looked like. I imagined every detail of your little face for nine long months but the first time I saw you, you still completely took my breath away. You were beautiful 🙂

The thing is now you are now even more beautiful if that is possible. You now have the most gorgeous and the brightest, biggest brown eyes you can imagine. Your hair is getting long and curly and I hope that it stays that way because it suits you. Sometimes I look at you and wonder how we could have created something so perfect. But then I would say that as I am your Mummy.


This month has been incredible. You started school and you are learning something new every day and I am so proud watching you around other children. You love talking to them in your own language, you feed them your food, you play with them. You are just an amazing child jazz. You love discovering new things and you are a busy body. You never get tired!!!

You have also started saying a lot more words now, you can say ‘Mama, Dad, Wo Wo, Meow, Baa Baa, Bye Bye, No,’ plus some more I probably can’t remember. You really try so hard to communicate with us and it makes me melt hearing your little voice but you understand everything we say – ‘come here, let’s go ta-ta, pick it up, look what’s on tv, guitar, buddha, water, ball, blanky, eat your mamams and the funny thing is you call Bob Marley and Abdul Baha ‘papa’ :). It is really very cute.


I know you are going to be a madam. I could just tell but now I know it for sure.  I look at your friends and they are all so placid and quiet, then there is you my cheeky little thing. You are so sociable, going to everyone for cuddles and kisses, and smiling at whoever happens to look at you.  The one day in the lift, a man became very emotional when you smiled and waved ta-ta to him. But while I love that side of your gorgeous, infectious personality, I also know that you are going to be cheeky. You already are the cheekiest little girl I know. I was shocked the other day when I pointed my finger at you and told you no, to have your tiny little finger pointed right back at me and for you to shout ‘No’ back. It was funny at the time but you do have a strong personality and know what you want and I hope that we find a way to discipline you firmly but fairly.

You are finally giving us real kisses. In the past, we might just get a slap in the face! Now most of the time you give kiss and if you aren’t in the mood, you will just run away! You are really playing with toys now. You love all your toys and you love dancing. You finally sit still and look at books. You love reading, counting and scribbling.

This month you have fallen more in love with your Daddy if that was possible. You are Daddy’s girl 110%!!! When he walks out through the door, the sadness on your face makes me sad!! As soon as he comes home from work and the front door opens you let out a squeal of delight and get so excited. You are now even more like partners in crime. I think it is because Mummy don’t do fun stuff with you the way Daddy does. Daddy does so much for you and he takes you for a walk outside or to the park and take you to the swimming pool. I love the two of you together. The people I love most in the world.


We have so much fun together. We make a great team. You and Daddy make a great team. Together, we make a great little happy family and that’s my dream come true. Daddy and I have our little/big fights every now and then but we do sort out our things and move on!

I can’t wait to see what next month will bring. I am so proud to have the chance to know you, let alone to be called your Mummy.

I love you, always and forever. But as always, you already knew that.

Hugs and kisses,