Thank you


Thank You Mom
On Saturday 4th of Feb, I tearfully dropped my Mom off at the airport after she spent 3 months with us. I would have kept her for longer if I could, but she has a life. I’ve been so fortunate that she was able to spend so much time with us for the birth of her grand daughter.

One of my favourite memories of having Jazzy is having my mom and Walied close by. I can’t begin to thank her and Walied enough for all of the help. She made sure I was fed and the house was clean. She took care of everything in the house while making sure we were all fine and happy. I recovered quicker than I expected, having my Mom’s help made it much easier. I don’t know what I would have done without her.

Three days after Mom left, I started feeling well and much more capable of taking care of Jazzy. I don’t think I would feel like this without my Mom’s love and care for the past 3 months. I miss her terribly already and so do Jazzy. Yesterday she was looking for her Nani, she was turning around and looking for her everywhere. With tears on my face, I hugged her. It is especially at times like this I wish I lived closer to my Mom. Fortunately, we have Skype. Instead of getting homesick and missing my Mama, I’m going to count my blessings and be thankful for all of the wonderful things in my life.

Thank You Mom!

Jazz, your nani left you a message and your favourite songs before she left… click below to play

My Bro

Thanks so much Vimal for sending mom. I’m so proud of you, getting a job, working so hard and sacrificing for us, and looking after the house and everything, and following your dream of working on a ship. I really hope it works out, it will be an amazing experience. I wished you could have come to SA also when mom came but its ok, next time! We will tell Jazz all about her Mamoo and then hopefully this December we will come for a few weeks… Love from Barpe’t!

My Dad

Even though you passed on 8 years ago, I know you would have loved your little grand daughter so very much. We will always remember you and say prayers for you at your birthday and commemoration of your passing. Thank you for the foundation you gave me in life and the cherished memories.


Thanks to our amazing families both in SA and Mauritius. Especially Shaai whose help and support advice and clothes helped alot! And Rarakins for organising such a lovely baby shower and giving us the brilliant idea of the time capsule which got us started on writing and collecting and thats how we started the blog too…and also for being our ‘pregnographer’ and ‘babographer’ so thanks my lil big sista … and Waasi for the other lovely baby shower and everything else you’ve done for us. Mum and Dad for taking me in as their own daughter and always helping us and supporting us. Also my sweet and kind aunties… Saba and Apai and on the other side Aunty Zaheda and Razia, and Mama for everything! We love you all very much and really appreciate it, and look forward to our little Jasmine growing with such lovely people.


Phindi Mashinini (our midwife)

Friendly, helpful, always available, very experienced and a true friend! She really knew exactly what to do.

084 910 7730 Working from Linkwood and Genesis (Jhb)

Hailey Fudu (our friend and doula)


Supportive, knowledgable, practical, she brings calm and spirituality, focus and preparation. What a blessing to have you by my side. (working from Durban, South Africa)

Linkwood Clinic 

For a wonderful experience. Friendly staff and experienced and friendly medical professionals.

Geared towards natural childbirth we were supported in every decision we took and guided all the way.


Last but definitely not least I must thank God for all the opportunities in life, all the struggles and tests, all the victories and joys. You have always guided me and protected me and I dedicate my life to you Lord!


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