Our Story

Mummy and daddy got married in Mauritius on the 18th September 2010. We were serving together at the National Bahai Centre in Johannesburg and we became best friends who always looked forward to seeing each other. When I had to return to Mauritius your daddy realised how much he loved me and he proposed over the phone. One day Nani spoke to him and they agreed that he would come to Mauritius for the wedding. We had a very fun time in Mauritius…

and we had a beautiful Bahai wedding with traditional ceremonies from the Mauritian culture…

Your dad gave a speech at the wedding but i can’t remember what he was talking about. I was a bit nervous. Then we had a lovely honeymoon with dad’s whole family there. And then coming back to South Africa we settled into our new home which was big and lovely and had horses and lots of trees. We used to go out on little adventures and one day… valentines day to be precise dad took me boat riding at Zoo Lake!

For Aadam’s Birthday we all went climbing up in the trees like monkeys!

Then we moved to our small little apartment in Norwood. When we discovered we were having a baby we were so happy! We had already decided on a name “Jasmine” cos we just knew you were going to be a little girl, and  beautiful fragrant flower.

We were so excited and couldn’t wait for you to be with us!


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