Published May 12, 2017 by Varkha

Recently we made one of the big moves. We flew all the way from South Africa to Mauritius to start a new life for us. I was skeptical about moving back home but I know, now, that it was one of the BEST DECISION we could have made! 😀

It is nice to have our peace of mind back and to know that, WE ARE SAFE! We don’t have to watch our backs all the time and be worried about break ins, getting robbed at gun point, hijacked or even killed! We know, there are crimes everywhere but the crime level is not as bad here! We needed a safe haven for our beautiful princess so she could still be free spirited! We wanted a better lifestyle, a life by the beach 😉

I loved PE and moving back to Joburg was hard for me but the short time we were there, it was a rollercoaster ride but at the same time a learning experience!!! For you, my Jazz, it was the best time of your life! You went for sleepovers, spent as much time as you could with your cousins 😍.

I love your love for them and for any other children. You are such a pure soul, making everybody happy around you and making extra sure that they know they are special to you 💖

When I was 5 years old, I don’t think I would have appreciated my parents moving me from place to place! I still live in the same house my parents built back in the days, still in the same area and pretty much everything is the SAME but what I am trying to say is; that is why I have the “need” to be stable – to settle down! I am so happy that we have not instilled that in you. You are an adventurer, you have always been open to road trips, travelling, meeting people and making new friends 😊.  

We are so proud of you. You are enjoying your stay in Mauritius as much as we are! You got along nicely with everybody and everybody loves you to bits!💖. You are learning French. It is the cutest thing when you ask me to translate something for you and you repeat after me. 

I thought, you would find it difficult to settle down and you won’t like bus rides but I was wrong… you LOVE bus rides and you settled down so nicely! You are a star 😘

You are so easy going and you are AN AMAZING DAUGHTER 👪. We love you so much my darling! Thank you for being awesome 💗


2 comments on “Mauritius

  • What a beautiful & inspirational family you always are to those of us “looking in” …
    May Mauritius be kind and warm and generous to you and may you also find the best ways of pouring your love into her …
    Celia-B xx

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