Sunday Funday💃

Published November 20, 2016 by Varkha

Two more days to go until my Princess Jasmine is 5 years old :). In the past almost 5 years, you have grown so much. From a small little baby, you have become a sweet big girl who has a mind of her own. You are a sweetheart, intelligent, carefree, and adventurous girl πŸ™‚

This weekend, it was all about you. On Saturday, we went shopping for your birthday party and while we were busy with our shopping; you found something, you always wanted -A cash register!

For some reason, you have always liked a cash register but we never got you one because we always thought – “Agh, she will play with it one day then she wouldn’t touch it again” but every year for your birthday you ask for it so this year, Papa and Nani made your dream come true :). You now have a cash register with money, a credit card, goodies and makes the scanning sound. The normal cash register that we’ve seen previously only had a few goodies but the one, you got as a gift has a mini trolley too and my Princess Jazzy is the happiest girl.

You cannot stop playing “shopping” now…good luck to daddy;)😛

Today, it was a sunny day so we took you to the beach. Your favourite thing to do in PE is; Beach time!! You love the water, rolling in sand and making sand castles😍.

So, as this weekend has been all about you.. we did all your favourite things today. Port Elizabeth has the most stunning beach and park. The park by the beach has huge junglegyms, wooden giraffe swing, and a rickshaw. It leaves children to be imaginative…as imagination is one of your bestie, you can now imagine how much fun you have every time we go there!

PE’s beach also have an exercise park and you love exercising so you have so much fun doing your own thing.

After our park visit, we decided to go to our usual spot for ice cream. You rode your bicycle while The VW’s had a chilled walk:). Half way through our walk, we stopped for a snack and then we carried on with our walk. 

On a hot, sunny day who wouldn’t want a Rolo ice cream in a sugarcone? 😈. We had a good motivation to walk all the way to Summerstrand 😁. Unfortunately, they didn’t have Rolo so we had ferrero and bar one ice cream 🍦

Once our tummies were happy. We headed to the beach. Beach is always fun. I just chill most of the time, you go in the water and Daddy plays with you. 

You have always been a water baby – beach, sand and you are on a roll. Walied and Jazz makes up their own games and it is so much fun watching them play together. One minute, they are in the water, the next they are playing with bazookas, then Walied is covering Jazz with sand because she is too cold, and once she is warm enough, they start making sand castles and play princess/superheroes games😄

After three or more hours at the beach, we decided to head back for some chicken biryani but on our way back you decided she want pizza…biryani pizza!!!!! It was so funny explaining to you that there is no such thing as biryani pizza. But then, we ended up at one of the newly open restaurant; Company for pizza and we ordered a butter chicken pizza. That was one of the best pizza, we’ve ever had! You had 3 slices and you were still hungry…you surprise us sometimes! It makes me wonder, where do you store all the food!🙈🙊🙉


When time came, for dessert. You didn’t order anything because you were too full so we ordered Masala Chai, gulab jamuns and we still ordered a Bombay crush milkshake for you. When the order came, you thoroughly enjoyed the dessert as much as we did. So much for – ” I’m full”..afterall we all have space for dessert😆🍵🍧🍰

After a day well spent, we headed home. We had a nice long bath, dressed in PJ’s, you watched an episode of cartoon, played a game on Daddy’s phone, story time and then sleepy time.

You are now tucked in bed and hopefully dreaming about the lovely day we had👪💖🏊🌍🌞

We love you Princess Jasmine and we try our best to make you happy😍


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