Published November 17, 2016 by Varkha


Zimi, Asavela & Liyema

To the time, we sold everything and went on a 5 months roadtrip! Feels like, it was just yesterday but it has been a year already! 😮.

We learnt so much from these children… To them having coke, crisp, oreos, drawing on paper with crayons, painting on canvases, playing with a soccer ball, watching movies, and even riding in a nice car were a special treat! We have taken all the little things for granted but they taught us all that we have to be grateful with what we have and be happy with what we have!🙏

They became Jazzy’s bestfriends and making them smile warmed our hearts😍. So glad, we got to spend those 5 months in so many place with so many people and learnt so much from everyone!💖

Over the years, Jasmine has made some really good friends. To her it doesn’t matter what age you are as long as you have a wide imagination and play the same kinds of game she likes to play :).  

Jazz and her friends, they have become really close to each other and its such a good feeling to watch her play so nicely with everybody😍. 

Jazzy’s Maati😍

Greenhouse Montessori

Little Minions Montessori


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